Lawn Services Dublin

We provide a complete lawn overhaul service for Co. Dublin. Giving our clients the option of a new lawn or having an artificial one installed if they want to choose a low maintenance option for their home.


A new lawn enhances your whole garden, adds value to your house, looks good and makes a lovely area to sit out on or to let the kids play on. If your lawn is looking worn out, uneven, muddy or just in very bad condition, we can replace it. We are able to remove the existing lawn, put in a new bed for it. Making sure it is level and optimally cushioned.

We can then insert a new lawn on top of using a roll on lawn. Once the new lawn is installed, you need to water it daily to make sure the lawn beds in correctly. After a couple of weeks, your new lawn should be perfect and ready for some of your outdoor activities on it.


If you are looking for a different solution, one that requires little to no maintenance, we recommend an artificial lawn. Over the last few years, artificial grass has started to become the main choice in the market. It has also become the most cost-effective alternative for those with lawns suffering from muddy patches.

Artificial grass is the ideal substitute for tired-looking decking and paving too. Fake lawns enable homeowners and families the opportunity to enjoy their garden all year round. Low maintenance, durability and aesthetic appeal are just a few of the benefits associated with this alternative.

In terms of socialising, fake lawns provide homeowners with a garden they can be proud of. Our lawns are also pet-proof and child-friendly, making them ideal for all kinds of lifestyles.